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Lever & Cable

Engine Control Lever


SB Type

  • SB Type Control Lever has two types : Throttle and Clutch.
  • The Red-Knob on Throttle Lever has built-in brake. If the Red-Knob is turned clockwise, the brake is activated and when it is turned opposite direction, the brake is released.
  • The Black-Knob on Clutch Lever is designed to detect forward, neutral, reverse position of the lever.

ST Type

  • With in-built neutral safety switch, ST-Type control lever is prevented from accidental gear engagement and allows easy and safe handling.
  • Warming-up can be done when clutch is at neutral position.
  • Neutral position for control handle can be changed accordance to the angle of throttle as suggested in below table.

Engine Control Cable

C33 Multi-Core Cable

  • C33 Cable is the type of cable that is the most widely used around the world.
  • C33 Multi-Core cable is the upgraded version of C33 Single-Core cable.
  • When compared with C33 Single-Core, it offers much smoother and lighter operation.
  • With minimum bending radius R165, it offers lesser bending radius than C33 Single-Core.

Engine Remote Control System


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