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Seawater-Lines flushing with Barnacle Buster


  • Antifouling coatings are specialized paints applied to the vessel’s hull to prevent or slow down the growth or formation of marine organisms, barnacles, weeds or algae.
  • Antifouling coatings are also acts as a barrier against metal hull corrosion or GRP hull osmosis.
  • We provide expert’s consultation from product manufacturer with coating specifications on client request.

Fouling can lead to loss of vessel’s performance, hull durability, high fuel consumption, damaged paint system and blocked water inlets.

Anti-fouling coating is the most common maintenance carried out with yachts & boats

PropOne or PropGold is a product of foul release coating system for propellers and running gear including all underwater metallic, Struts, Trim tabs, Rudders, Bow & stern thrusters, stabilizer fins etc. Learn more?

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