Copper Coat

High Performance 10+ Year Anti-Fouling System


COPPERCOAT is the combination of a specially developed, zero VOC, water miscible epoxy resin and 99% pure atomized copper powder. Each liter of resin is combined with 4.4 lbs of ultra fine copper powder, making COPPERCOAT the strongest copper based anti-fouling available. No other anti-fouling exposes as much active copper to unwanted marine life as COPPERCOAT

Classified as non-leaching, this highly effective coating is considerably kinder to the environment than its’ ablative competitors, while continuing to deter growth year after year. Indeed, correctly applied treatments resist barnacles and other hard growth for a decade or more!

COPPERCOAT alone has a proven lifespan of 10+ years, with an unequaled continual sales record dating back to 1991. No other copper based epoxy anti-fouling has the enviable pedigree of the original COPPERCOAT.

The advantages of COPPERCOAT

COPPERCOAT is the obvious choice for owners searching for increased performance with reduced costs from:

  • UNBEATABLE LONGEVITY : Unlike regular coatings, hard-wearing COPPERCOAT remains effective for many seasons. A single treatment of COPPERCOAT is proven to remain effective for at least ten years before a touch up may be needed along the waterline or the leading edge of the keel. Boats have been found that have the original COPPERCOAT on their hulls after 22 years with a single touch up.
  • EXTRA EFFICIENCY : The combination of high copper content and the smoothness of the surface ensures a cleaner hull with less drag. Powerboat owners report increased speed at lower revs, meaning a lower rate of fuel consumption. Sailboat racers can burnish the copper for an even smoother finish.
  • FIBERGLASS OSMOSIS PROTECTION : COPPERCOAT is based upon an inherently waterproof epoxy resin. As such, the application of COPPERCOAT helps to provide an additional barrier coat to the bottom of the hull.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE : When properly applied, you only need to wipe the hull at regular intervals to remove the buildup of slime and soft growth. If the boat is hauled out of the water, it can be pressure washed with no damage to the COPPERCOAT and the COPPERCOAT will not “die” from being out of the water, even for long periods of time.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS : Being epoxy based COPPERCOAT is classified as non-leaching and causes less harm to the environment than conventional anti-fouling paints. The complete treatment is fully approved for use by both professional applicators and the do-it-yourself boat owners.

Furthermore, COPPERCOAT holds the following approvals in the US and UK:

  • US EPA approved since 2009
  • California DPR Reg #85396-1-AA since January 2012. In 2015 CA established maximum copper leach rates for anti-fouling products. Since COPPERCOAT is non-leaching, it is significantly under those rates.
  • Approved by the Health and Safety Executive, in compliance with UK and EU law, HSE Certificate Number 7532
  • Fully complies with current (2001) International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Resolution MEPC

The Formula Used

To determine the quantity of Coppercoat required, calculate the hull area by simply multiplying the waterline length by the addition of the beam and the draft. Then, depending on the vessel, apply a factor:

  • For full bodied craft such as motorboats or displacement and full keeled yachts, no factor is applied
  • For medium bodied craft, such as large fin and skeg or blige keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.75.
  • For light bodied craft, such as fin keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.60.

If the calculation is in feet, multiply the figure by 0.093 to convert to square meters. Given that Coppercoat has an effective coverage rate of 4 square meters per litre; divide this figure by 4 to determine how many litres are required.

Example 1

A 34ft motorboat, with a 30ft waterline length, a 12ft beam & a 2ft draft;

30 x (12+2) = 420 sq.ft, x 0.093 = 39.06 sq.m, / 4
= 9.76 litres required. As Coppercoat® is supplied in 1 litre units, 10 litres should be used.

Example 2

A 28ft fin keeled yacht, with a 26ft waterline length, a 11ft beam & a 5ft draft;

26 x (11+5) x 0.6 = 250 sq ft, x 0.093 = 23.25 sq.m, / 4
= 5.81 litres reqired. As Coppercoat® is supplied in 1 litre units, 6 litres should be used.



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